Tall cabinet 60×195


This is a carcass, a tall base cabinet for IKEA Faktum kitchens. Width 60 cm, height 195 cm and depth 58 cm. Will be made “plain white” regardless of the chosen colour for the fronts.

The carcass may be ordered by itself or along with any of the extras from below:


Set of 4x adjustable legs


Set of 3x hinges for IKEA Faktum. Comes with the modern and luxurious SoftClose and SelfClose functionality built in.

Set of 3x mounting plates for the hinges. This is the part that connects the hinge to the cabinet. You may re-use your current IKEA Faktum plates if you have some.



Set of 3 drawers. Runners with SoftClose. Fronts ordered separately. (Width x Height 13 + 25 + 31).