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We are experts in IKEA kitchens. At this page we list all our product catalogues for IKEA kitchens. We have 3 main product areas on offer:

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Metod fronts

Doors, fronts and panels etc

Faktum fronts

Doors, fronts and panels etc

Faktum cabinets

+ hinges, shelves and drawers etc

How can I find out if my IKEA kitchen is Metod or Faktum?

Faktum vs Metod? IKEA discontinued the Faktum kitchen range at their warehouses back in 2013. At the same time they launched the current Metod kitchen range. The best way to tell them apart is to have a look inside the cabinets. 

The Metod cabinets and frames are with a double row of pre-drilled holes for the hinges at the very front of the cabinets. The vertical spacing from the center of one hole and down to the center of the next hole is 50 mm. The cabinets and frames in the Faktum range are equipped with one single row of pre-drilled holes at the front and the vertical spacing center to center is just 32 mm.

We offer our premium doors and fronts to Metod as well as to Faktum. They will be delivered in the correct sizes by the millimeter and pre-drilled for the hinges and for the drawers with no need for local adjustments on site. Everything will fit just right out of the boxes. And just like IKEA we deliver in flat packages.

Metod frames

Metod vs Faktum (IKEA)

Faktum frames

Faktum vs Metod (IKEA)

Metod & Faktum in the same kitchen? Not a problem! With us it’s possible to mix and match. All the new doors and fronts will be made in the same colour + profile if they are ordered together. It’s just the size and the drillings for the hinges and for the drawers that will differ.

Free colour swatches?

If you haven’t already we suggest you request a kit of our free colour swatches and see our beautiful colours first hand and in the lighting condition in your own kitchen. Please just proceed to the free colour swatches request form at the next page.

Real product samples?

As an alternative to our free colour swatches service that are sent in small envelopes by the regular post we also have a real samples service on offer. With this option you will be able to not only see our beautiful colours but also what the finished product and profiles of the fronts will look and feel like. Perfect to examine our premium quality first hand. Sent out with the UPS Courier Service several times per week and is delivered along with a discount voucher to off set the first 50 € spent on samples.

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