We Manufacture New Doors for Your IKEA Faktum Kitchen Cabinets

Keep your IKEA cabinets, just replace the fronts!

Since IKEA discontinued their popular kitchen system “Faktum” at their warehouses some years ago it’s now possible to order directly from us. We manufacture new premium doors and fronts for IKEA Faktum kitchens and our production is measured by IKEAs original drawings for a perfect fit for your IKEA Faktum cabinets and your IKEA Faktum hinges. All doors will be delivered pre-drilled for the hinges and all drawer fronts will be delivered pre-drilled for the IKEA Faktum/ IKEA Rationell drawers. We produce on order and deliver in flat packages to you in about 4-5 weeks. Keep your IKEA cabinets, your worktops, hinges, sink, tap, and plumbing etc. Just replace the fronts!

IKEA Faktum doors in highgloss


Design Faktum W08

Design Faktum W08
Design Faktum W08 in White Highgloss

Design Faktum W09

.Design Faktum W09
IKEA Faktum Adel
Design Faktum W09 in Off White

Design Faktum W10

Design Faktum W10
IKEA Fakrum
Faktum W10 - Off White

Design Faktum W12

Design Faktum W12
Design Faktum W12 in Smooth White

Design Faktum W16

Design Faktum W16
Design Faktum W16 in Smooth White

Design Faktum W24

Design Faktum W24
Design Faktum W24 in Easy Grey

Design Faktum W30

Design Faktum W30
Design Faktum W30
Design W30 in some of our beautiful colours

Design Faktum W39

Design W39
Design Faktum W3

Design Faktum W75

Faktum W75
Design W75
Design W75 - Easy Grey

Design Faktum W76

Design W76
Design W76
Design W76 - Easy Grey

Look how easy it is to replace the doors:

It is very easy to replace the doors. Just snap off the hinges from the old doors and fit them onto the new ones. Calculate approx 2-3 minutes per door and you´re done!

(play video)


The White Range:

Frozen White
White Semigloss
Smooth White
Off White
Magnolia White
White High Gloss
Oyster High Gloss
Magnolias High Gloss
Cream High Gloss

The Brown Range:

Sand of Sahara
Light Brown High Gloss
Bronz Brown

The Grey Range:

Grey High Gloss
Easy Grey
Arctic Grey
Steel Grey

The Blue Range:

Fjord (Matte)
Aqua Blue
Retro Blue (Matte)
Retro Blue

The Black Range

Cosmic Black Highgloss
Black Highgloss
Black Ink (Matte)
Black Ink
Black Oak (Texture)
Black Oak (Structure)

Cement & Concrete:

Light Concrete (Texture)
Light Concrete
Dark Concrete (Texture)
Dark Concrete
Rough Concrete
Manhattan Backyard (Texture)
Manhattan Backyard

Wood Effects:

Jasmine White (Texture)
White Oak
Birch Nature
Scandinavian Forest
Scandinavian Forest
Pearl Grey (Texture)
Pearl Grey
California Oak (Texture)
California Oak
Stirling Oak (Texture)
Stirling Oak
Santana Oak (Texture)
Santana Oak
Black Oak (Texture)
Black Oak

Please note: Colours will always look slightly different on a computer screen than in real life. We suggest you order some of our free colour samples before you make your final decision.


Before you decide which colour to choose for your new, updated kitchen you might want to see our beautiful colours at your own home and in your own lighting. We are happy to send you a kit of samples for free. Just fill in your shipping address and your samples will be on their way.


Where can I see your prices and place my order?

We display all our products and their prices at the Product, Price & Ordering page.