Product Samples for IKEA Kitchen Fronts

Before you decide to put a potential order in perhaps you would like to examine our premium quality first hand. Perhaps you have already requested a kit of our free colour samples and would like to see a few real fronts too. If so, please take advantage of our Product Samples Service.

Design samples in W30
Colour samples

How it works

The product samples we keep in stock and they are ready to be sent with a courier service within a few days. They are offered at a reduce cost and to a reduced shipping fee compared to the real doors and fronts that are made to order only. We will cover your first 50€ spent on samples with a discount code for real doors and fronts. This discount code will be valid for an order within 30 days.

Design samples

The design samples represent the pattern/ profile of each model. They are in the size of a tall drawer front approx 30×40 cm. Large enough to show the premium quality and the pattern but yet small enough to be sent to a reasonable cost. The design samples are sold separately to the colour samples. If only 1 design sample is ordered we will send that design sample in a random colour. If both design samples and colour samples are ordered we will mix and match to make sure you get to see all designs and all colours. In total we have some 350+ different combinations of colours + designs.

Colour Samples

Please also add some colour samples to your cart. They are just 8 € each as they are a bit smaller compared to the design samples above.  The colour samples are all without a pattern (flat surface only). Press the Option button to see an image gallery for each colour sample and to add to your cart.

* Indicates the colour is not possible for the doors with integrated grips in the U12 range.


Generic imageColour SamplePriceMore imageshf:att:pa_colour-samplehf:att:pa_finishhf:att:pa_possible-for-u12
Alpine White
Alpine White Colour Sample8,00 Optionswhitematteonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
W08 DM2491
American Walnut Décor Sample8,00 Optionsbrownwood-effectonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey Colour Sample8,00 Optionsgreymatteonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Arctic Grey
Arctic Grey Colour Sample8,00 Optionsgreymatteonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Basaltic* Colour Sample8,00 Optionsbrownmatte
W08 DM2476
Beech Wood Décor Sample8,00 Optionsbrownwood-effectonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Black High Gloss* Colour Sample
Black High Gloss* Colour Sample8,00 Optionsblackgloss
Black Ink* Colour Sample
Black Ink* Colour Sample8,00 Optionsblackgloss
Black Matt
Black Matte Colour Sample8,00 Optionsblackmatteonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Caffe Latte
Caffe Latte Colour Sample8,00 Optionsbrownmatteonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
W08 DM2448
California Oak Décor Sample8,00 Optionsbrowntextured wood-effectonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
W08 DM2455
Truffle Oak Décor Sample8,00 Optionsgreytextured wood-effectonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Cashmere High Gloss* Colour Sample
Cashmere High Gloss* Colour Sample8,00 Optionsbrown greygloss
Cosmic Grey
Cosmic Grey Colour Sample8,00 Optionsblack greymatteonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Cream Highgloss
Cream High Gloss* Colour Sample8,00 Optionsbrowngloss
Dark Concrete Colour Sample
Dark Concrete Colour Sample8,00 Optionsgreystone-effectonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Easy Grey Colour Sample8,00 Optionsgreymatteonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Fjord Colour Sample8,00 Optionsblue greenmatteonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Frozen White Colour Sample
Frozen White Colour Sample8,00 Optionswhitematteonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Graphite Metallic High Gloss* Colour Sample
Graphite Metallic High Gloss* Colour Sample8,00 Optionsgreygloss
Green Antique
Green Antique* Colour Sample8,00 Optionsgreentextured
W08 - Grey Antique
Grey Antique Colour Sample8,00 Optionsgreytexturedonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
W08 - Grey Highgloss
Grey High Gloss* Colour Sample8,00 Optionsgreygloss
Indigo Blue
Indigo Blue Colour Sample8,00 Optionsbluematteonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Light Concrete Colour Sample
Light Concrete Colour Sample8,00 Optionsgreystone-effectonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Limestone Colour Sample
Limestone Colour Sample8,00 Optionsgrey whitestone-effect texturedonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Magnolia White
Magnolia White* Colour Sample8,00 Optionswhitematte
Off White
Off White* Colour Sample8,00 Optionswhitematte
Parisian Blue
Parisian Blue Colour Sample8,00 Optionsbluematteonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Pearl White Colour Sample
Pearl White Colour Sample8,00 Optionswhitematte texturedonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
W08 - Red Highgloss
Red High Gloss* Colour Sample8,00 Optionsredgloss
Retro Blue
Retro Blue Colour Sample8,00 Optionsbluematteonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Rose Antique
Rose Antique* Colour Sample8,00 Optionsredtextured
Old Venice Colour Sample
Old Venice Colour Sample8,00 Optionsblack brown redmetal-effectonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Pearl Bronze Colour Sample
Pearl Bronze Colour Sample8,00 Optionsbrownmetal-effectonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Pearl Gold Colour Sample
Pearl Gold Colour Sample8,00 Optionsbrownmetal-effectonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Silk Sand Colour Sample
Silk Sand Colour Sample8,00 Optionsbrownmatteonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Smooth White
Smooth White* Colour Sample8,00 Optionswhitematte
Steel Grey
Steel Grey* Colour Sample8,00 Optionsgreymatte
Stone Grey
Stone Grey Colour Sample8,00 Optionsbrown greymatteonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
Vanilla Colour Sample8,00 Optionsbrowntexturedonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips
W08 - White Highgloss
White High Gloss* Colour Sample8,00 Optionswhitegloss
W08 UN2097
White Oak Décor Sample8,00 Optionswhitetextured wood-effectonly-show-colours-for-doors-with-integrated-grips

Veneer Samples - Real Wood

News in Spring 2024: From now on we also offer veneered premium doors and fronts in real wood. They are offered in the flat/ no profile W28 design only. This is because veneer needs a fully flat surface.


To claim the introduction offer and to get the 35% off our veneered samples in real wood, please just add the discount code veneer-intro at the Checkout page.

Along with the samples you will have a 50€ discount code good for real doors and fronts as mentioned further up this page. You will ALSO be able to get the 35% off an order of veneered doors and fronts from our main Price & Ordering page within 30 days no matter if the introduction offer to the public is still in effect or not.

ImageVeneer colourPriceInfo
Black Oak Veneer Sample*
Black Oak Veneer Sample*49,00 Options
Dark Brown Oak Veneer Sample*
Dark Brown Oak Veneer Sample*49,00 Options
Moss Oak Veneer Sample*
Moss Oak Veneer Sample*49,00 Options
Natural Oak Veneer Sample*
Natural Oak Veneer Sample*49,00 Options
White Pigmented Oak Veneer Sample*
White Pigmented Oak Veneer Sample*49,00 Options

There are 5 different Oak Veneers in our offer:

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