Set of 5 drawers, W=50 cm (exkl fronts)


This is a set of 5 drawers for a cabinet that is 50 cm wide (measured as the outside width of the cabinet).

The set consists of 5 low drawers for cutlery etc. Runners with SoftClosing technology are also included. Fronts are ordered separately: 4x 50×13 + 1x 50×18 may be added to your order from the list below.

These drawers are a bit modified compared to the old drawers sold by IKEA in the past. These drawers take more weight and they are with the lovely SoftClosing technology built in. Therefore the drilling-specifications for the fronts are a bit different compared to the older drawer fronts. New drawer fronts that are ordered at the same time as the new drawers will be pre-drilled according to the new standard and will fit perfectly right out of the box. We do not recommend you keep your old drawer fronts and try to fit them onto these new drawers as the drillings for the fittings are a bit different. 

As mentioned above, these new drawers are better and more modern compared to the old drawers sold by IKEA in the past. The new drawers may be fitted inside the old cabinets with a slight modification of the old cabinets. Just drill one new hole per runner inside the old cabinet.  The runner itself may be used as a template.

The drawer fronts (if any) will be made in the same colour as the other fronts in this order (if any).