Low internal drawer, W=60 (Incl front). Runners with SoftClose


This drawer is intended to be fitted INSIDE the cabinet and with a door or another drawer front in front of this drawer. The internal drawer will be delivered along with it’s own drawer front.

If covered by a door: A set of Extra Wide Opening Hinges are needed. The ordinary hinges will not do as they do not move the door aside and the drawers will not have a free passage. Please look for the hinges with an extra wide opening angle at the hinges section.

If covered by a tall drawer front: The bottom drawer must be a regular drawer intended for a regular, external drawer front. If you have one already you may keep that drawer. This drawer is intended to be fited inside.

Normally we sell external drawers in set of 3x or 5x. They must be equipped with a regular, external drawer front. This is a single and internal drawer (1x) to be mounted inside the cabinet and behind a regular front. Premium, easy-gliding runners with SoftClose are included with each drawer. A slim front for internal mounting is also included with each internal drawer (no need to order a separate front).

“W” refers to the outside width of the cabinet that will house the drawer. The drawer itself is a bit smaller to fit inside the cabinet.