Hinge with an extra wide opening angle of 155°


This is a hinge for an IKEA Faktum/ Rationell kitchen with an extra wide opening angle of 155°. Modern and luxurious SoftClose + SelfClose technology built in. Ordered one by one as a spare part. Typically 2, 3 or 4 hinges per door are needed.

This extra wide opening hinge serves two main purposes in an IKEA Faktum/ Rationell kitchen:

For a 90° corner cabinet: Please use this hinge to connect the first Folding Door (30×70 part A) to the cabinet. Normally 2x hinges + 2x Mounting plates are needed.

To connect the two Folding Doors (30×70 A + B) to each other please use the “Connecting Bi-fold Door Hinges for a 90° Corner Cabinet” instead.

This hinge may also be used for a 120×70 corner cabinet, typically to connect a regular 60×70 door that needs to be opened a bit wider compared to a regular door.

Internal drawers: This hinge is ideal for a cabinet with internal drawers (drawers that are hidden behind a door). This hinge moves the door out of the way to provide a free passage for the internal drawers to be pulled out and back in again.

Some doors need 2 hinges. Taller doors may need 3 or 4 hinges. This hinge is sold one by one and it also require a mounting plate, the part that is fitted inside the cabinet that connects the hinge to the cabinet. If you have a mounting plate for Faktum already you may re-use it. If not please tick the box below to add the same quantity of mounting plates to your cart.