Hinge for Faktum (SoftClose + SelfClose)


This is a hinge for an IKEA Faktum/ Rationell kitchen with modern and luxurious SoftClose + SelfClose technology built in.

SelfClose: Please just give the door a little push from your elbow or from your knee and the door will run to it’s closed position automatically. Perfect if your hands are already occupied or if your fingers are a bit dirty from your cooking.

SoftClose: The hinge will slow the closing process down the last few centimeters until the door comes to a full and silent stop. You will love this functionality each and every time. Especially if you have kids or teenagers hanging around. Or if you just would like to treat yourself with the premium experience.

The softclosing and the selfclosing technology are built in to the hinge itself and it will not take up any extra space inside your cabinet. In order to work properly, ALL the hinges of the same door must be with SoftClose + SelfClose.

This hinge is sold one by one and it also require a mounting plate, the part that is fitted inside the cabinet that connects the hinge to the cabinet. If you have a mounting plate for Faktum already you may re-use it. If not please tick the box below to add the same quantity of mounting plates to your cart.



SoftClose + SelfClose