Flat fronts:


Please add this configurator to a cart and we will make your new doors and fronts in a flat, no pattern style. Once added to the cart, all the new fronts will be made in the chosen colour.

We do have three different roundings of the sides on offer:

W08 = Sides rounded by 3 mm radius. Thickness 18 mm.
W16 = Bevelled sides for the outer 25 mm. Thickness 18 mm.
W28 = Sharp sides rounded by only 1 mm radius. Thickness 18 mm.

Side panels, Plinths, Pelmets and Filler panels will always be made with the sharper W28 rounding regardless and the back sides of all items will always be white.


Please see the pattern gallery for the specifications for each of our patterns.

You may also view our inspirational colour gallery for more pictures.

Please read this short article on how do add more than one colour of fronts to the same order.

If you havn’t already we suggest you request a kit of our free colour samples before you put your order in.


This choice will not effect the total cost of your order since the price of the fronts are determined by their size respectively, not by the colour.

Please make your choice below and ad to your cart: