Porta Faktum Impiallacciata 60×125


This door may be fitted at the bottom of the cabinet with another door above it, or fitted at the top of the cabinet with other fronts below it. The pre-drillings for the hinges are not evenly spaced on the back side of this door. The IKEA-way to solve this was to drill for the hinges at all of the four corners, leaving raw and ugly empty holes clearly visible every time the door was opened.

Please let us know the intended positioning of this door onto your cabinet (top or bottom) and if it will be left hung or right hung and we will be happy to pre-drill for the hinges accordingly. Thereby there will be no need for those extra drillings for the hinges that will not be used anyway.

Please see image 1 & 2 for guidance.

Left hinged or right hinged door? Please stand in front of the closed door. If the hinges are to the left (on the back side of the closed door) the door is left hinged. If the hinges are to the right, the door is consequently right hinged. Please see image #3 for guidance.

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Informazioni aggiuntive

Door position

At the bottom of the cabinet, At the top of the cabinet

Hinge position

Left hinged, Right hinged, Undrilled for the hinges