New doors and fronts for IKEA Metod kitchen cabinets

Yes, besides the new doors and front for the old “IKEA Faktum” kitchen system we also make new doors and fronts for the current “IKEA Metod” system. It is even possible to mix and match Faktum + Metod as we will make all the new doors and fronts in the same beautiful Pattern + Colour combination no matter if it’s Faktum or Metod.

Step 1

Please use one of the configurators below. The one to the left is for the regular colours and finishes and the one to the right is for the colours in the High Gloss Finish only. Please just add your preferred combination of Pattern + Colour into a cart and we will not ask for each and every item put into the cart thereafter.

Doors and fronts for IKEA Faktum kitchens in Parisian Blue
W30 + Parisian Blue
W08 + Oyster High Gloss


Yes. All the new doors will be pre-drilled for your IKEA Faktum hinges and all the new drawer fronts will be pre drilled for your IKEA Faktum/ IKEA Rationell drawers. They will all fit perfectly right out of the box.

Just like IKEA we do however not drill for the knobs nor for the handles. For that purpose we recommend the excellent FIXA “Drill template” from IKEA. Just search for the part number 903 233 93 at IKEAs webpage in your country.

IKEA drilling template Fixa

2. Drawer Fronts for IKEA Metod. Sorted in tabs by width in cm:


All the “W” patterns are symmetric. W08, W09, W10 etc. They all look the same no matter if they are hung up side down. We drill for the hinges on one of the sides and as there are no “up” or “down” on a symmetric door it will fit just as beautifull either right hung or left hung. That´s why we do not ask about left or right.

3. Doors for IKEA Metod. Sorted in tabs by width in cm:

4. Glass panel doors:

5. Side Panels and Plinths etc

Side Panels

A side panel covers the side of the plain white cabinet and makes your kitchen look more solid and “built in”.

Filler Panels

A filler panel is used to cover some empty space, such as the area between a wall and a cabinet.


Fit a pelmet underneath the wall cabinets to hide the lighting gear.


Plinths, or Kickboards are used for hiding the legs of the base cabinets.

A brand new IKEA Metod kitchen upgraded with new doors and fronts from Faktum by Easfront. Design W75 in Easy Grey. Cabinets, hinges, worktop and sink etc from IKEA.