Handleless Kitchen Doors for IKEA Faktum - The UAL-Range

Fronts for your IKEA kitchen without the traditional handles - Grips in aluminum

As an alternative to the traditional knobs and handles we offer a range of handleless doors and drawer fronts for your IKEA Faktum kitchen with edge grips in aluminum -The UAL-range. This gives a very clean and modern look.

The grips will be fitted at the factory and all your new fronts will be ready to be installed right out of the box. All the doors will be pre-drilled for your IKEA Faktum hinges and all the drawer fronts will be pre-drilled for your IKEA Faktum/ IKEA Rationell drawers.

There are three different styles of aluminum grips on offer in the UAL-range. The thickness of the UAL-1 style is 22 mm and is not possible in any colours in the High Gloss range. The thickness of the UAL-5 and UAL-8 is 18 mm and they are both possible for production in all our colours on offer without any limitations. The High Gloss colours as well. Please find all the prices for the UAL fronts further down this page.

Important info regarding the UAL-range

Due to an unexpected over all high demand for our products right now, the lead time for the UAL-range is approx 2 months at the moment.

UAL-5 + Cosmic Grey
The UAL-5 style with grips in aluminum.
The U12 style with milled grips.

Some tips on how to place an order:


First we will ask you about your preferred colour. All your new doors, drawer fronts, side panels and plinths etc will thereafter be made in that colour. All our colours and finishes on offer are possible for the UAL fronts.


For each door we need to know if it will be Left hung or Right hung.

When standing in front of the closed door: If the hinges are to the left (on the back side) that door is Left hung and vice versa.


For each door and for each drawer front we will ask about your preferred positioning for the handle. On top, at the bottom, left hand side or the right hand side.

Request a kit of our free colour samples

Colours may not look the same on a computer screen as in the lighting conditions of your own kitchen. We therefore suggest you request a kit of our free colour samples.

Drawer fronts for IKEA Faktum/ IKEA Rationell:

Sorted in tabs by width in centimeters

Doors for IKEA Faktum:

Sorted in tabs by width in centimeters

Side Panels & Plinths etc

Side Panels

A side panel covers the side of the plain white cabinet and makes your kitchen look more solid and “built in”.

Filler Panels

A filler panel is used to cover some empty space, such as the area between a wall and a cabinet.


Fit a pelmet underneath the wall cabinets to hide the lighting gear.


Plinths, or Kickboards are used for hiding the legs of the base cabinets.

Cabinets for Faktum

Our 3 different types of UAL-Grips on offer

UAL1 - Smooth White
UAL5 - Smooth White
UAL8 - Smooth White


Handleless kitchen doors for IKEA Faktum UAL1
Handleless kitchen doors for IKEA Faktum. UAL-1 in Anthracite Grey


Handleless grip door for IKEA kitchens
Handleless kitchen doors for IKEA Faktum. UAL-5 in Smooth White


Handleless kitchen doors for IKEA Faktum. UAL-8 in Cream Highgloss
Handleless kitchen doors for IKEA Faktum. UAL-8 in Cream Highgloss

Besides the handleless doors and fronts with edge-grips in aluminum we also do a range of handleless doors with milled handles, The U12 design

Handleless doors for IKEA Faktum kitchens with milled or recessed grips
The handleless U12 design with milled handles. Alpine White.