How to adapt a new front to the existing drillings of your old fronts.

Here is a tip on how to make yourself a copy of the old drillings for your new fronts.

IKEA never offered the 125 cm (1245 mm) tall doors as a “drawer front”. Please see for yourself on the back side of the front and you will find the original drillings for the hinges.

Some customers however did prefer to use this 125 cm tall front to cover a set of drawers. As the drillings are self made and therefore will differ from kitchen to kitchen we are not able to pre-drill a 125 cm tall drawer front on an industrial scale, Therefore we provide you with the following tips on how you may adapt your new front to fit perfectly onto your drawers:

A. Please order the new front without any drillings for the hinges.

B. Once delivered, place the new front onto a flat surface, back side up.

C. Position the old front on top, back side up.

D. Drill through the old holes and down into the new front.

E. Now you have made yourself an exact copy and the new front will fit perfectly onto your set of drawers.

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