Hoher Schrank für Geräte 60×195


Dies ist ein hoher Korpus für Einbaugeräte und IKEA Faktum Küchen. Breite 60 cm, Höhe 195 cm und Tiefe 58 cm. Wird unabhängig von der gewählten Farbe für die Fronten “Standardweiß” gemacht.

Der Korpus kann einzeln oder zusammen mit einigen der Extras von unten bestellt werden:

Set of hinges + mounting plates for regular doors. The hinges are with SoftClose + SelfClose Technology built in. The plates are fitted inside the cabinet before the hinges are attached to them with a “click”. Do not use these hinges for doors to cover a fridge/ freezer (space to narrow). Choose your preferred quantity:

These hinges are purpose made to be extra slim and to be positioned in the narrow space beside a fridge or a freezer. Not SoftClosing. An extra slim mounting plate is also included with each slim hinge. 2x new holes for the plates are required inside the cabinet. Please add your preferred quantity from below:

Add some shelves to your appliance cabinet.

One set of brackets are required per appliance that are intended to be fitted inside the cabinet. E.g. 1 pair of brackets are required to carry a fridge/ freezer/ oven. 2 pairs are needed for an oven + a microwave oven etc. Please choose your preferred quantity of PAIRS from below:

Add some drawers to the bottom of the cabinet. A set of premium runners with SoftClose are included with each drawer. The tall drawers are for pots and pans etc. The slimmer (low) drawers are intended for cutleries etc. Fronts are ordered separately/ not included with the drawers.

There are 2 different heights of feet on offer to this tall cabinet. They are adjustable in height. Perfect for uneven floors.


60 x 195 x 58 cm