Ja, bitte senden Sie mir ein Kit Ihrer kostenlosen Farbproben

Auf einem Computerbildschirm kann die Farbdarstellung im Vergleich mit der tatsächlichen Farbe anders aussehen oder wirken als zu Hause in Ihrer Küche und unter Ihrer speziellen Beleuchtung. Wir raten Ihnen daher, kostenlose Farbproben nach Hause zu bestellen und direkt vor Ort zu entscheiden. Wählen Sie 1,2 oder 3 Farben paketen aus, die Sie dann zu sich nach Hause geschickt bekommen:

Bitte wählen Sie bis zu 8 verschiedene Farbmuster.:

Der weiße Bereich:

Smooth White

White Semigloss

White Oak (texturiert)

Der Off-White Bereich:

Off White

Magnolia White

Vanilla (texturiert)

Der Blaue, Rote & Grüne Bereich:

Retro Blue



Green Antique

Rose Antique

Der Braune Bereich:

Sand of Sahara

Caffé Latte

Bronze Brown

Der graue Bereich:

Easy Grey

Grey Antique

Arctic Grey

Stone Grey

Anthracite Grey

Cosmic Grey

Der schwarze Bereich:

Black Matt

Black Oak

Struktur und Holz-Effekt:

White Oak

Birch Nature

Black Oak

California Oak

Pearl Grey

Santana Oak

The Stones:


Light Concrete

Dark Concrete

White Marble

Grey Marble


White Highgloss

Cream Highgloss

Oyster Highgloss

Cashmere Highgloss

Grey Highgloss

Graphite Metallic Highgloss

Black Highgloss

Red Highgloss

Glossy Wood

Vanilla + White Semigloss
W30 - White Oak
W16 in Smooth White
W12 in Off White
W01 - Magnolia White + Black Highgloss
W08 - White High Gloss
W08 - Oyster High Gloss
W08 - Cream High Gloss

Die warmen und braunen Farben

W08 - Vanilla
W08 in Caffé Latte
U12 in Sand of Sahara
W12 in Bronze Brown

Bläuliche und grünliche Farben

W12 in Retro Blue
W12 in Retro Blue
U12 in Fjord
New kitchen cabinet doors for IKEA Faktum & Metod in the lovely Indigo Blue colour
W28 - Indigo

Graue und schwarze Farben

W11 in California Oak / Easy Grey
W24 in Easy Grey
U12 - Stone Grey (Neu)
UAL-1 in Anthracite Grey
W30 - Black Matte
UAL-8 in Grey Highgloss / California Oak
UAL-7 in Arctic Grey
Pearl Grey
UAL-5 in Black Oak
Black High Gloss

Holzoptik und Struktur

UAL-5 in California Oak
W20 in Santana Oak
Glossy Wood
UAL-6 in Scandinavian Forest
UAL-5 in Black Oak
W16 - Pearl Grey
W30 - White Oak
Birch Nature

Beton- und Marmor Effekt

W08 in Limestone
Light Concrete
Vanilla + White Semigloss

Ready made samples in MDF

The above colour samples will be sent for free and in one way only. They are thereafter yours to keep and you do not have to send them in return. They are just showing the colours and are made of a very thin strip of material. As an alternative to the above there is also a possibility to borrow a sample in MDF, just like the doors that we produce and in one of our popular designs. A perfect solution if you would like to examine the very high quality of the finished products before you place your final order. Here is how it works:

Please choose 1 design and 4 colours that you would like to borrow. 5 samples in total. The price for this service is €49 and the shipping cost from us to you, as well as the return shipping cost from you and  back to us is included and prepaid. The return shipping label will be included in the package. The lending time is one week from when you received them and as soon as the samples are returned we will Email you a €49 discount code to be used for an order of real doors and fronts.

Please note: The samples in MDF are “the real thing” but they are NOT pre drilled for the hinges or for the drawers. They are intended to show the design and the high quality of our works and they are intended to be sent in return after you examined them. The design elements are approx 30×40 cm. Just like a front for a drawer. Large enough to show the design but still small enough to be sent in a parcel round trip at a reasonable cost. 

Design W30 in Anthracite Grey (Rückseite), Indigo und Cosmic Grey (Vordergrund)
Einige unserer Farbmuster in MDF