Front for drawers. Size and Price

All tabs are sorted by width in centimeter. Just add your doors and drawers to the cart and see the total price at checkout.

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Drawer-fronts. Sorted in tabs by width in centimeters

NameSize in mmPriceBuy
Drawer 30x13295x12636.00 
Drawer 30x18295x18239.00 
Drawer 30x25295x25442.00 
Drawer 30x31295x31049.00 
Drawer 30x57295x56663.00 
Drawer 30x70295x69486.00 
NameSize in mmPriceBuy
Drawer 40x13395x12637.00 
Drawer 40x18395x18241.00 
Drawer 40x25395x25449.00 
Drawer 40x31395x31056.00 
Drawer 40x57395x56669.00 
Drawer 40x70395x69489.00 
NameSize in mmPriceBuy
Drawer 50x13495x12638.00 
Drawer 50x18495x18244.00 
Drawer 50x25495x25452.00 
Drawer 50x31495x31059.00 
Drawer 50x57495x56673.00 
Drawer 50x70495x69497.00 
NameSize in mmPriceBuy
Drawer 60x13595x12639.00 
Drawer 60x18595x18243.00 
Drawer 60x25595x25453.00 
Drawer 60x31595x31057.00 
Drawer 60x57595x56686.00 
Drawer 60x70595x69499.00 
Drawer 60x9595x9429.00 
NameSize in mmPriceBuy
Drawer 80x13795x12649.00 
Drawer 80x25795x25459.00 
Drawer 80x31795x31063.00 
Drawer 80x57795x566107.00 

Doors - Sorted in tabs by width in centimeters

NameSize in mmPriceNoteBuy
Door 20x70195x69479.00 
NameSize in mmPriceBuy
Door 30x70295x694.85.00 
Door 30x70 A295x694 DD189.00 
Door 30x70 B295x694 DD289.00 
Door 30x92295x91893.00 
Door 32x70317x69486.00 
Door 32x92317x91894.00 
NameSize in mmPriceBuy
Door 40x57395x566.72.00 
Door 40x70395x694.93.00 
Door 40x92395x918.99.00 
Door 40x125395x1245137.00 
Door 40x195 L395x1942 L179.00 
Door 40x195 R395x1942 R179.00 
Door 45x70 DW445X69475.00 
NameSize in mmPriceBuy
Door 50x70495x694.99.00 
Door 50x92495x918.110.00 
Door 50x57495x566.73.00 
NameSize in mmPriceBuy
Door 60x35595x34263.00 
Door 60x57595x566.86.00 
Door 60x70595x694.99.00 
Door 60x70 DW595x694 DW99.00 
Door 60x90595x900119.00 
Door 60x92595x918.119.00 
Door 60x125595x1245139.00 
Door 60x195 L595x1942 L225.00 
Door 60x195 R595x1942 R225.00 
NameSize in mmNotePriceBuy
Hinges for Faktum

Hinges for Faktum. SoftClose and SelfClose technology.